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HR Krystal Reflection




Reaf as we call her is a sweet filly who was foaled on her name sake, my daughter Krystal's Birthday. Refer pictured above as a long yearling has grown into a very nice girl. She is 15.3 at 3yrs old, very athletic and has beautiful movement. Reaf shows a lot of potential for reining work along with being good on the rail in both English and Western. She will make someone a nice all-around mare with a excellent pedigree for breeding! We have slowly started reaf under saddle.She has a nice foundation under her. We have used her for a pack horse before sending her into training. She has approx 30 rides on her and have been using her as a trail horse and soon we will be hunting off of her. I have swung a rope off her a few times and is showing a aptitude for the roping and cows. I also have let youngsters ride and she is a very calm mare and will be good for an advanced beginner. she has a VERY nice slow smooth canter and a wonderful jog that you can stay in the saddle on her all day.. $6500
Hard Rock Summer Summers Hi Dell 

H-2    P-0        Resv Grand Ch

A Summer Breeze 

H-19   P-106 APHA CH

Dixie's War Drum 

H-5      P-37

Billy Bud
Dixie's Doll
Nola Gay Brass Door 
Susie Cue S
Hi Class 

H-0     P-18


H-44  P-58  APHA CH

Dell Wrangler
Acadia Queen Double Thomas
Sam's Kate
Calico Hug McCue Skeeter McCue 

H-4  P-3

Scooter McCue 

H-69  P-135 APHA Ch, Sup Ch, Versital Ch

Mr Kilgore
Lil Polly
Pritzie Bouncy Mac
Shawnee Sugar P
I'm A Tinky Too Scootin' Spook 

H-21  P-24 APHA Ch

Tinky's Spook
Snipper's Buttons
Spook Dotty Tinky's Spook
Dotty Hug
Coco Reflection Mighty Reflection 

H-25  P-173 APHA Ch

Mighty Tink 

H-52 P-111 AQHA CH

Early Tink

H-38  P-44 AQHA CH

Tinky Joe
Early Gal
Honey Robin Johnny Robbins
Copper Mite
Spooka Dot 

H-51  P-156 APHA Ch, Perf Ch, Versitily Ch

Tinky's Spook 

H-21  P-20 APHA Ch

Tinky Joe
Calico Hancock
Peppy's Squaw Peppy's Tuffy
Pauls Tosca Jo Paul Easter 1956
0058533 dun
H- 22.0  P- 30.0
Paul A 1948
0019794 black
H- 32.0  P- 8.0
Star Deck 1940
0001343 bay 
Little Dixie Beach 1943
 0004758 brown 
Sutherland's Lady 1945
0010793 dun
H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Blue Hancock 1937
0001510 grullo 
Queenie Sutton
U0078345 n/a 
Coco Chanel 1967
 0496252 chestnut
Leo San Mount 1960
 0123609 dun
75 4 0 0 1 $ 343      H- 19.0  P- 27.0
Clipper Mount 1957
0069147 dun
H- 3.0  P- 0.0
Tamara Star 1954
0056775 sorrel
H- 10.0  P- 0.0
Toots Taylor 1956
0063286 chestnut
Idaho Red 1947
001775 chestnut 
Taylor's Butterfly 1947


Moo-Lah Ranch

Shari Pratt
32122 Senkler Rd
Worley, Idaho 83876